Live: second semi final in Denmark

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The second semi final of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2008 ist about to take place. You can watch the webcast by following the link below.

WEBCAST (The show will also be available later)

WEBCAST (direct link)


Live coverage with Roni Klein.

1. Gunhild – Vilde hjerter

This song is very similar to Me & My from last year's national final – a wide spread meaning among the journalists in the hall. A catchy Europop entry that is likely to be popular among Eurovision Song Contest fans. Both the singer and her background dancers are casually dressed (mostly in black) performing a simple choreography that nevertheless works well with the song.

Gunhild is being asked if she thinks it went well on stage. She answered yes, all over expectetions. Her vocal performance was better atthe rehersals.

2. Julie Rugaard – Kan ikke forstå

Julie, is better known as Blå Øjne (Blue Eyes). She is making a comeback with a song that she wrote herself. A song that really show her capacities as a singeralthough itis so not her genre of music. Her entry is a pop song with heavy influences from soul and blues. Not typically Eurovision, but that has not to mean anything.

Julie is just saying that she was almost about to cry because the emotions were so strong.

3. Simon Mathew – All night long

It's time for the favourite tonight according to the betting odds. Simon comes from some kind of Danish popidol show called Stjerne for en after (A star for just a night). He is very charming, probably also because of his costume that could him well make one of the little rascals. The song has a slight hint of Sweden's entry in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest and is a bit repetitive.

4. Kendra Lou – Until we're satisfied

The next song's music was written by aTV host for a music program called Hit med sangen (Hit with the song) so she knows about music. The lyrics are from the same man behind the lyrics of the last year's winner. The song could be a bit more devoloped but is indeed original and does not remind of other songs. The stage performance, seeing half a rococo castle on stage, is very impressive, a bit over-the-top but suits the song very well.

Kendra thanked the songwritters that trusted this song to her and she feels lucky that her lyrics were wrote from the same guy behind Drama Queen.

5. Josefine & Lars – Sweet memories of you

It's time for more Europop. The vocals and the stage performance of the couple are average and rather half-harted. There is very much clapping and a red thread is missing in the song especially because of the performance. Nevertheless, this one could well make it to the finals. The song was written by a very well-known music writer and singer called Maria Montell.

6. Sandee May – Spanish soul

A rather repetitive song again. The vocals are ok but not spectacular and the overall performance is not very authentic. The sense of the lyrics is hard to understand, overall a rather strange entry. The two writters are the guys behind the Unite song that is already through to the finals. If this song goes through, than they will be represented twice at the finals on2nd February.

7. Lasse Lindorff – Hooked on you

This is Lasse's debut as a singer. Hooked on you is a bit old-fashioned (very 1960s!) and it is very pupular, people are actually singing along. The performance is very simple but effective while the vocals are very strong but a bit over-the-top towards the end. A charismatic performance.

Lise Cabble was part of the songwriting team (she previously wrote the Danish entry in 1995, Fra Mols til Skagen) and has just said that Lasse delivered the song so well expecially when hitting the high notes. Lasse soundsvery emotionalwhen telling about the time when he was a child and had a boy band that preformed at the Danish Radio.

8. The Dreams – La' mig være

The band and the song remind very much of Andorra's entry in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. They look alike and the hookline is similar to Save the world. The band comes from the Faroe Islands and it is highly likely to go through because the Faroe Islands are going to vote! Julie Rugard is a fan of that song and she is dancingin the green room.

One of the girls behind the Faroe Island team band The Dreams was told about the elections going on the Faroe Islands and she was afraid that the elections were taking attentions away from the Danish Melodi Grand Prix.

The next preformances will come from Hej Matematik a band that includes Søren Rasted from Aqua (interval act of Eurovision Song Contest 2001) as well as from Juanes.


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