Maria and CRASH! talk to

by Tom Espen Hansen 81 views

After the Melodi Grand Prix dress rehersal before tonight's show, the Norwegian press declared Zuma Always Always and Maria Haukaas Storeng Hold on be strong as the their two favorites. Those two are the most well known among the Norwegian entries this weekend. Zuma with one hit album Juno and Maria Haukaas Storeng from Norway's Idol and musical artist with a Mira Craig song.

And as it turned out the press was almost right. The Norwegian public sent Maria Haukaas Storeng and
teenpunk band Crash straight to the final. While Zuma and Anne Hvidsten get another shot at reaching the Oslo final in the second chance contest.

Talking to the right after the final,Maria Haukaas Storeng admitted that she was a bit nervous on her first performance of the night, but is realeved and happy that she made it to the final. She was joined on stage by an even happier songwriter Mira Craig. She was thrilled that "her baby" (the song) she wrote when she was 15, was so highly appriciated by the people of Norway.

Crash were also delighted to be back at the Melodi Grand Prix final for a second time in a row, and they told us that they believe in the song and the writer, Teeny from Wig Wam. They would love to represent Norway at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade.

Talking to the the show's host,Per Sundnes stated after the show that he was proud that so many talented, and well known artist are entering the Norwegian finals this year. He meant that the 2007 final marks a step in a really promising direction.

According to him the artists really enjoy themselves on the MGP tour, and they really are a big happy MGP family. This could again draw new artist to the show in the end.