Azerbaijan: Watch the finalists

by Benny Royston 64 views has been granted permission along with several Eurovision Song Contest websites to provide video footage of the three Azerbaijan national final entrants competing for the right to become the country's first Eurovision Song Contest entrant. Contrary to reports elsewhere, we need to stress that the video show songs performed in the last round of the Azeri selection procedure and are not the songs that will compete in the national final on 2nd February.

A spokesperson for ITV states that "These songs are not their Eurovision entries. At the same time, the performances give you a sense of the artists' styles and abilities – which we believe are going to improve and be fully revealed at the National Final on 2 February".

The three videos below show Aynur Iskenderli performing Don't Forget My Love, Unformal performing The End and Elnur Gusseinov performing If You Never Back. Once again, stresses that these songs are not the three songs that will be presented as the three final songs for Azerbaijan's national final.

Elnur Guseynov – If you never (come) back

Aynur Iskenderli – Don't Forget My Love

Unformal – The End

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