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This weekend, the 2008 national final season for the Eurovision Song Contest will continue. Let's take a look on what will happen on Friday and Saturday in Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Lithuania.


The second semi final of Melodi Grand Prix 2008 will be held in Kongsvinger on Friday. Another six songs will be presented, the top two will go directly to the final, the second and fourth placed songs will enter the second chance round. In this heat, we can see two familiar composers compete against each other: Glam and Teeny, who both represented Norway in 2005 in the band WigWam will take part with their songs Would you spend the night with me and Get up performed by Cube and Crash! respectively.

Betting odds by NordicBet

  1. Maria Haukass Storeng(1.45)
  2. Crash (1.85)
  3. Zuma (3.75)
  4. Cube (4.00)
  5. Sven Garås (4.00)
  6. Anne Hvidsten (4.15)


On Saturday, the second (and last) semi final of the Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2008 will be held. Four songs, the half of the entries presented, go to the national final. The other entries will enter the second chance round broadcast on Danish radio.

Betting oddsby NordicBet

  1. Simon Mathew (1.35)
  2. Gunhild (1.40)
  3. The Dreams (1.50)
  4. Julie Rugaard (1.70)
  5. Lasse Lindorff (2.00)
  6. Sandee May (2.35)
  7. Kendra Lou (2.50)
  8. Josefine & Lars (2.50)


The second of three semi finals will be held. The top four songs willqualify for the national final on 2nd February where they will join Aiste Pilvelyte and Julija & Girma, who already have a fix place in the final.


The first of four semi finals will be held in Iceland. Three songs will be presented and the top two will move forward to the national final on 23rd February. The song Nuna veit ég will only be performed by Magni Áseirsson, Birgitta Haukdal,who sung the entry with him in the quarter final,has withdrawn from the competition.

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