Dima Bilan and Varvara perform in London

by Anna Krasilnikova 214 views

Dima Bilan, the Russian runner-up in Athens at Eurovision Song Contest and Varvara, twice the runner-up in the national final are to perform tomorrow at Russian Winter Festival that will take place in centre of London.

The Russian Winter Festival- anevent in Trafalgar Square will be aired tomorrow, January 13th from 12.00 to 19.00 CET offering a taste of Russia to children and adults alike with a varied programme of traditional and contemporary music and entertainment.The ‘Old New Year’ -by the Tsarist calendar which was used prior to 1917, is still celebrated in Russia. This year, moving to London, the festival will transform the square for several hours with market stalls selling crafts and food, children's games, theatrical performances and puppets for the youngsters.

Music and entertainmentis saidto begin with traditional song and dance, and from around 4pm showcases Russian rock and pop .

Artists appearing include:

  • Alisa – legendary Russian rock band
  • Fabrika – pop group
  • Slavyanye – ensemble performing all genres of Russian folk music
  • Baikal – Buryat National Ensemble, traditional dance and song group
  • Lyudmila Ryumina – Russian folk singer
  • Dima Bilan – pop star and show business personality
  • Varvara – versatile vocalist
  • Relikt – vocal trio performing Russian folk and classical music
  • Shtar – Russian gypsy music combines with jazz, rock, flamenco and Latin-American
  • Russian National Dance Show – a varied mix of traditional national dance and contemporary ballet
  • Sankt Peterburg – rock band
  • Zemlyane – rock band
  • Bianka – R'n B vocalist