Lithuania: The first four finalists

by Victor Hondal 77 views

After a two-and-a-half hour show, the first Lithuanian finalists have been chosen. They will compete in the final scheduled for February 2nd.

These are the names of the four qualifiers:

  1. Jeronimas Milius
  2. Justas Lapatinskas
  3. Laiptai
  4. Vilma Voroblevaitė

Jeronimas, last to sing tonight, sang a powerful ballad and Vilma performed an interesting ethno-ballad composition. On the other hand, Justas and Laiptai played very different styles: Justas, first in the line-up tonight, sang a pop-rock song, whilst Laiptai was one of the two hard-rock acts this evening.

The four of them will compete to win the Lithuanian golden ticket for Belgrade 2008 on Febraury 2nd.