UPD esctoday.com awards in Cyprus final!

by Benny Royston 77 views

esctoday.com was honoured in the Cypriot national final tonight with a video dedcicated to you, our readers. As a special feature in the show, CyBC, the national broadcaster created a flashback video to the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest and showed the five acts chosen by you in the Best and Worst Dressed category of the esctoday.com awards. Evridiki was also presented live on stage with her award for Best Act not to qualify for the final.

Evridiki had no idea the award was to be presented tonight, and for that reason, there was no mention of it in rehearsals. The former three time representative for Cyprus was genuinely taken by surprise and was very grateful, thanking everyone for voting for her. Watch the presentation of her award below:

CyBC created two countdown videos showing the top five acts from the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest nominated in our awards in order as voted by esctoday.com readers, ending with the winning performer, Sopho, as selected by the readers and members of esctoday.com. The result was of course:

esctoday.com Best Dressed Act of 2007 Award:

1st Sopho of Georgia
2nd D'Nash of Spain
3rd Roger Cicero of Germany
4th Edsilia Rombley of Netherlands
5th Sabrina of Portugal

esctoday.com Worst Dressed Act of 2007 Award:

1st The Ark of Sweden
2nd Verka of Ukraine
3rd Teapacks of Israel
4th Olivia Lewis of Malta
5th Gerli Padar of Estonia

esctoday.com would once again like to say a huge thank you to everyone for supporting our awards and making them the most important fans awards on the internet. We hope you enjoyed watching the video. We would, of course like to congratulate the winners.

Watch Evridiki receive the esctoday.com award here: