Live: first Norwegian semi final

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The first semi final of Melodi Grand Prix 2008, the Norwegian semi final for the Eurovision Song Contest, is about to take place. You can follow our live coverage below.


The show is about to start. Currently, the MGP Junior participants are warming up the audience.

The show has started now andPer Sunders welcomes the audience.

1. PodiumLystgass

Lystgass is a classic rock song thatmight have no high recognition valueon MTV but would probably stand out in the Eurovision Song Contest. The performance is classic for the genre (yes, there are fireworks!) with the band all in black and the stage in silver and green, which adds a nice colour contrast.

2. Ann-Marie Anderson – Ándagassii

The song is a folcloric ballad which is pretty catchy but also a bit monotone in the middle part where the same few words are repeated over and over. The performance is classy and suits the song well, it could be compared to the performance of Belgium's Vanessa Chinitor in the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest.

3. Nicholas CarlieColliding

Number three is a pop ballad typical of Eurovision Song Contest national finals, especially of Scandinavian ones. Looking at those songs that did well in the contest in recent years, it might be a bit too smooth. The vocals are very good and the performance is professional, nevertheless the overall impression is not too spectacular.

4. Michelle Baby, don't stop the music

The song sounds exactly as you might expect looking at the title. We've had many sons like this one in the national finals in recent years, few of them have won. The vocals are very good and the outift (a short silver dress with high boots) suits the song very well.

5. TinkerbellsHold on

Hold on is a laid-back country song that could have been performed by the Dixie Chicks a few years ago. The hookline is definitely catchy and this one could become hit on the radios. The vocals are very good again while the performance could be more creative.

6. Veronica AkselsenAm I supposed to love again

The hot favourite tonight. Veronica Akselsensings a very tragic ballad and her vocal performance is very authentic. The overall performance is keptvery simple which is definitely the right way toshow the special feeling of the song.

We can now listen to Kirstie Sparboe singing Norway's entry in the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest, Oj, oj, oj, so glad je skal bli, which only finished last. The song is illustrated by videos of of people from all over Norway singing along the popular schlager.

The song which was best received in the Arena tonight was definitely Nicholas Carlie, probably mainly because of the very young audience in the hall.

The results are coming in!

Podium and Tinkerbells will enter the second chance round. Veronica Aselsen is the first finalist. She will reprise her song now. Ann-Marie Anderson is the second finalist.

For those of you who missed the show, you can watch the video here.

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