Eurovision 2015: Creative Producer’s Twitter is a treasure you can’t miss

by Michalis Vranis 362 views

[tps_header]Gregor Barcal, the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest Creative Producer has a Twitter account and he reveals a lot about this year’s contest!

This year’s Creative Producer, Gregor Barcal, is in charge of the official CP’s twitter account the last couple of months, revealing all the secrets and backstage information of the preparations of the contest. But what can you find out after paying a visit to this account?


A funny moment teasing the UK’s commentator Graham Norton


OK you get the joke, but also check out the view from the sound booth! The stage looks really good!

And this is how the Green room will look


The green room right now doesn’t look that fancy, but a feather boa would definitely make it look glamorous!

Behold the glory of the Heptic Eye!


Don’t you think so? The stage looks so great with those colours… oh wait!

[tps_footer]You can find more interesting tweets on the Eurovision’s 2015 Creative Producer twitter account! Make sure you’ll follow him! Don’t forget to subscribe to ESCToday’s account on Twitter and Instagram too!

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