France:Tatiana's fame on the rise!

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Tatiana's performance for France in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest was in a way more impressive than Jonatan Cerrada's, as the girl was on stilts during the entire song. She's now a member of the choreographer Kamel Ouali's team and can be seen every week during the prime time show of the Star Academy 7th season.

Tatiana Seguin first met Kamel Ouali a few weeks before the contest in Istanbul, as the man was in charge of the French choreography. That's what Tatiana reveals in a long interview published last week in the French TV weekly "Télé 7 Jours". "At 14, I entered the Conservatoire National de Paris and, in 2004, as I had just finished the musical "Les demoiselles de Rochefort", a friend of mine told me Kamel was searching for someone to go with Jonatan Cerrada on the Eurovision scene". The lady had never climbed on stilts before, but she very quickly managed the skill. "My originality certainly pleased Kamel, who called me for the Star Academy season, some months after". From that period on, she became a kind of leader among the dancers of the weekly show broadcast on TF1.

An anecdote about the 2004 French choreography: After the first rehearsal, Kamel Ouali was frequently asked about the conceptbehind it(why that girl on stilts, why is there a globe above, etc.).At first heanswered that "there is no special meaning, as a choreography doesn't have to have one". But after a while he became a bit fed up by the question and right after the second rehearsal, during the press conference, he explained that it was a kind of tribute to St-Exupéry's Little Prince ! Last detail, Kamel Ouali was also responsible for the Russian choreography, with 4 male dancers from his team.

Many thanks to Alex for the information.

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