Finland: Euroviisut song titles published

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As usual there hasn�t been much media fuss about Euroviisut, the Finnish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Today YLE published the song titles and writers of the songs. Teräsbetoni is leading in the betting odds followed by Kristian Meurman. Finns in general, however, tend to think Cristal Snow might be the one to win come March 1. YLE has launched their new Eurovision website today as well with all the information on Euroviisut.

This is the full list of participants and songs in the 2008 Euroviisut edition:


Kari TapioValaise yö (Light up the night)
Music: Pertti Haverinen
Lyrics: Ilkka Vainio – Pertti Haverinen
Arrangement: Pertti Haverinen

Hanna MarshBroken Flower
Music:. Hanna Marsh
Lyrics: Hanna Marsh
Arrangement: Lennart Östlund

Movetron Cupido
Music:. Jukka Tanttari
Lyrics: Timo Löyvä
Arrangement: Jukka Tanttari – Timo Löyvä

Crumbland Pleasure
Music:. Crumbland
Lyrics: Crumbland
Arrangement: Crumbland – Mikko Raita


Mikael KonttinenMilloin (When)
Music: Kerkko Koskinen
Lyrics: Kyösti Salokorpi
Arrangement: Kerkko Koskinen

Jippu Kanna minut (Carry me)
Music:. Markus Koskinen
Lyrics: Jippu
Arrangement: Markus Koskinen

Ninja Battlefield of love
Music: Susan Nova
Lyrics: Susan Nova
Arrangement: Susan Nova – Jani Saastamoinen

Kristian MeurmanJos en sua saa (If I can't have you)
Music- lyrics: Kristian Meurman
Arrangement: Kristian Meurman – Tapio Niemelä – Imre Szabó


Jenna Sinua varten (For you)
Music:. Risto Asikainen
Lyrics: Ilkka Vainio – Risto Asikainen
Arrangement: Risto Asikainen

Vuokko Hovatta Virginia
Music: Kerkko Koskinen
Lyrics: Anna Viitala
Arrangement: Kerkko Koskinen

Cristal Snow Can't save me
Music, lyrics & arrangement: Cristal Snow – Heikki Liimatainen – Jimi Constantine

Teräsbetoni Missä miehet ratsastaa (When the men ride/are riding)
Music-lyrics & arrangement J. Ahola

The revamped site of YLE's Euroviisut is already on the net. You can visit it by clicking here .

Some little news has been in the media in the past few weeks. Cristal Snow made headlines after being attacked in a nightclub in Helsinki and filing charges against the aggressor. On a happier note he has released a new video, Scarred, and is really looking forward to Euroviisut. Hanna Marsh has been recording songs for her new album in the legendary Polar Studios in Stockholm, including her Euroviisut entry. Movetron is making a come back even without Euroviisut, they are having a top-10 hit, their first in almost ten years. Crumbland has been busy touring central Europe and also India, of all places. Kari Tapio has toured only Finland.

Mikael Konttinen tried to make himself a bit more known on a popular TV music quiz show Tartu mikkiin. He was paired with Vicky Rosti. Jippu has been recording her forthcoming album besides giving Christmas concerts with her father and hosting her own music evenings in bars. Kristian Meurman has been getting maybe the most media attention with several interviews and seems to be very excited and honoured. He says his song will be a rock ballad in Finnish. Teräsbetoni sold gold with their latest album just before Christmas and many think they will keep Finland on the heavy rock train in Eurovision yet another year….

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