Switzerland: A new musical with the hits of Peter, Sue & Marc

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The trio Peter, Sue & Marc reached the peak of their popularity in the 70s. They represented Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest four times. Their paths split in 1981. A new musical will bring back their greatest hits, which will give their fans the chance to stir the memories of a decade, as published by the Swiss broadcaster SRF. But despite this revival show, Peter, Sue and Marc are not planning to sing together again…

Peter Reber, Sue Schell and Marcel Dietrich are the three musicians that built up the band Peter, Sue & Marc. They were highly popular in their home country, Switzerland, during the 70s, but they also managed to hit the charts and perform at concerts in other countries like Germany, Austria and Japan.

Peter, Sue & Marc with Pfuri, Gorps & Kniri; from pfurigorpskniri.ch
Peter, Sue & Marc with Pfuri, Gorps & Kniri; from pfurigorpskniri.ch

They represented Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest four times, and in a different language at each occasion.

In 1971 they sang Les illusions de nos vingt ans, in French.

In 1976 they presented Djambo, djambo in English.

In 1979 they joined forces with the Swiss Blues and Folk band Pfuri, Gorp & Kniri for the Eurovision entry Trödler und Co, in German.

Their last participation in the Eurovision Song Contest was in 1981 with Io senza te, in Italian. That same year the trio split.

io senza te the musical
From theater11.ch


Now, 34 years later, a musical bearing the same title as their last Eurovision entry, Io senza te, will be showing at the Theater 11 in Zurich between 10 September and 1 November, as published on srf.ch. The musical will have Peter, Sue & Marc’s greatest hits as it tells the story of Gio (played by the singer Ritschi), Ky (played by Anja Haeseli) and Dieter (played by Jörg Neubauer), three musicians who perform Io senza te at the 20th wedding anniversary of a couple and are spotted by a producer who engages them as a cover band of Peter, Sue & Marc.

Peter, Sue & Marc are not making a comeback

The trio has stated that they are not planning to go back to singing. Sue Schell thinks that it would be a big risk if we sang something together again. Besides, she does not miss the fame of being a popular singer. The show business is also exhausting, she explained. Marc Dietrich believes that it would be impossible to sing together again with his voice.

Instead, they can now enjoy the musical of their songs comfortably seated at a theater…

Peter, Sue & Marc represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest four times. The last one was in 1981 with Io senza te. The group never won the Contest, but their 1981 entry was included in the compilation Congratulations: 50 Years of the Eurovision Song Contest, which collected the winning songs and the fans’ favorites of those 50 years.

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