Croatia: Ivana sings Peace and Housa drops out!

by Laura Gudim 85 views

Singer Ivana Banfić has confirmed that she will take part in next month's Croatian national Eurovision Song Contest preselection Dora, after having stated that she was having doubts.

Ivana's song, entitled Mir (Peace) is written by invited composer Ante Pecotić and will be performed directly in the final.

Ivana had been having doubts about participating in the competition, but told the press at the weekend that she would give a definite answer today, before setting of on holiday to India for a month.

Meanwhile, songwriter Jasenko Houra, another invited composer, has said that he will definitely not take part in Dora 2008. His statement was announced by Husein Husanefendić Hus, whose song will be performed by a so far anonymous singer, rumoured to be froma returnee from the USA.Houra's place as one of the invited composerswill be filled by �eljko Banić, who will also perform with the Songkillers.