The Netherlands: The Common Linnets complete new album

by Roy Knoops 429 views

The runners-up of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark, The Common Linnets from The Netherlands, have completed their new album. The group have also delivered the soundtrack for the new series Wayward Pines, broadcast by Fox in the United States, and across Europe.

Wayward Pines is a new mystery series debuting May 14 2015 on Fox in the United States, starring actor Matt Dillon as a Secret Service-agent investigating the disappearance of two colleagues in the mysterious town Wayward Pines in Idaho. The series is based on the novel Pines and its ensuing book-series by author Blake Crouch, and is executive produced by renowned producer M. Night Shyamalan. The Common Linnets provide the soundtrack for the series, called We don’t make the wind blow. This is another milestone for the group centered around Dutch artist Ilse DeLange, who are commercially the most successful participant of Eurovision 2014.

Listen to a snippet of We don’t make the wind blow, plus view a preview of Wayward Pines, here:

Wayward Pines will be aired on the Fox-channel in the United States, but will also be broadcast on Fox United Kingdom, Fox Ireland, FX (Australia), Fox Italy, Fox NL (The Netherlands), Fox Germany, and Fox Greece.

We don’t make the wind blow will also feature on The Common Linnets’ new album, the follow-up to their highly acclaimed self-titled debut-album. The new album was finished this week, the official release-date is yet to be revealed.

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