France: Anggun’s collaboration with Vincent Niclo

by Fernando Méndez 659 views

The French Eurovision representative in 2012 features in the new song of the French singer, informs A couple used to heated arguments but trying to reconcile is the storyline of this ballad by Vincent Niclo featuring Anggun.

The French singer Vincent Niclo is promoting his album Ce que je suis. One of the songs in the record is Pour une fois. For this track, Niclo has had the collaboration of Anggun, who represented France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 with Echo.

Anggun and Niclo sing the story of a couple that does not seem to be capable of expressing their love for each other, but rather fight and clash once and again. Despite this, they long and wish for peace between them, at least for once.

The music video-clip is also available. In spite of being an argument, it is beautifully and passionately told. The confrontation jumps out of the screen…

Anggun sang Echo for France in Baku, Azerbaijan, in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012.

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