Belgium: Eurosong 2008 artists gather in Brussels

by Benny Royston 63 views

Production for Belgium's Eurovision Song Contest selection show, Eurosong 2008, begins today at the American Theatre, Brussels. The 20 competing artists will meet to record their postcard videos to preceed their performances and to record the opening sequence for the television shows. The participants will also be formally introduced to the media during the day.

The preparation day will also include photoshoots and interviews for the radio, television and print media in Belgium.
Katy Satyn, Raeven, Brahim, Eva Darche, Femme Fatale, Kenza, E.F.R., Ishtar, Esther, Tanja Dexters, Ellis-T, Tabitha Cycon, Di Bono, Nelson, Geena Lisa, Francesco Palmeri, Paranoiacs, Elisa, A Butterfly Mind and Sandrine will compete for the right to represent Belgium in Belgrade.

All candidates will be interviewed by De Rode Loper, Radio 2 and Radio Donna. Furthermore, interviews and phote shoots for several written media have been scheduled. VRT will use the opportunity of the meeting of all candidates to organise an official photo shoot with all candidates and to record the trailer and opening sequence of the upcoming Belgian selections for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.