Iceland: three songs for 12th January revealed

by Marcus Klier 143 views

Icelandic broadcaster RÚV has revealed the three songs to compete in the second chance round of Laugardagslögin to be held next Saturday 12th January. Previously, one song of each of the 11 heats that did not qualify had been chosen right after the shows.

The line-up for Saturday is as follows (composers in brackets):

  1. Dr. SpockHvar ertu nú?
    (Dr. Gunni)
  2. Hafdís Huld ÞrastardóttirBoys and perfume
    (Hafdís Huld Þrastardóttir)
  3. Margrét Kristín SigurðardóttirBigger shoes
    (Margrét Kristín Sigurðardóttir)

You can read more on how the selection will proceed over the next few weeks here. The national final will take place on 23rd January with eight songs competing.