No more Artur Orzech for Polish Eurovision?

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Terry Wogan once told Polish commentator Artur Orzech: “If you think that you see some clown performing on stage feel free to say it to viewers. Just remember to make sure if its really a clown.” And Artur has followed the advice in the past fifteen years. It seems though that the time may have come for someone else to replace him in the commentators booth as Artur has taken a new post hosting a morning show for TVP2.

Polish fans of the Eurovision Song Contest were in for an unpleasant surprise today when the local press reported that Artur Orzech, Eurovision commentator for the past fifteen yearshasgone over to TVP2.So now it is possible thathe will not be in the commentator's booth any more as a conflict between the two channels does not allow journalists working for their previous employer. More details will be announced soon.

In an interesting interview published earlier by OGAE Poland Artur Orzech spoke about the first days on the job, his views of the contest and what Terry Wogan had to say to him a few years back.

When it comes to tips Artur Orzech got some from one of the cult figures in the profession, Sir Terry Wogan himself : " If you think that you see some clown (and not a serious artist) performing on stage feel free to say it to viewers. Just remember to make sure if its really a clown. If it is a clown don't have any mercy, because rational viewers will notice it themselves, and if you do not to notice it, you will lose their respect for you". And Artur says he has tried to follow that piece of advice throughout his career.

When asked about the atmosphere during the contest, Artur said: "Sometimes I think that representatives of certain countries consider Eurovision to be the quickest path to fame, and it's not like that. At least not often. Truly, you can feel the atmosphere of rivarly, which can be very serious sometimes. Some of the artists just can't find the right distance. Commentators? Well, very diverse. Some open and warm. Others seem to be afraid of trading views and opinions. Privately I know well Terry Wogan. Usually right before the final we have a little chat and we tease each other. But it's all just for fun. Eurovision` is meant to be joyful, both on and off the stage. And as far as the fans are concerned , they know best how to enjoy it for the whole week!"

Artur's personal view on the Eurovision Song Contest is that it is the most organised, most detailed and best prepared contest on a European scale. As far as its artistic value is concerned he felt that it leaves a lot to wish for. But the multitude of strong moments makes well up for that.

It was also reported that Artur Orzech will not be able to host the Polish final either. Natasza Urbańska, third in last year's Polish final, is tipped to be his successor hosting the final.

A special thank you to Lukasz Krych for his contribution to the article.

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