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/ by Alex Noone -

Severina and Željko in Zurich

Two former Eurovision contestants from the Balkans are to give a special Valentine’s concert in Switzerland. Željko Joksimović and Severina will perform at the Stadhalle Dietikon in Zurich on 16 February….

/ by Denis Randjelovic -

Croatia: Severina in concert

Severina, who represented Croatia in Eurovision Song Contest 2006, will hold a concert in Belgrade Kombank arena on 30 March. This is the second time that she is organizing concert…

/ by Denis Randjelovic -

Croatia: Severina releases new album

Severina, who represented Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Greece, with Moja štikla, realises new album called Dobrodošao u klub (Welcome to the club).  After many singles (Brad…

/ by Juha Repo -

Croatia calls for songs in traditional style

In an unprecedented move the Croatian national broadcaster HRT has restricted their call for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest entry in the style of traditional “klapa” music. Submissions are accepted…

/ by Alexandru Busa -

Nina Badrić to perform at Belgrade Arena

Croatian singer Nina Badrić is going to perform at the Belgrade Arena in Serbia on October 26th.  The 2012 Croatian Eurovision representative will entertain the Serbian public with her biggest…