Eurovision 2015: Lullabies CD to be released on April 20th

by Gil Laufer 312 views

The promotion website of Eurovision Song Contest 2015 has announced that in addition to the regular Eurovision CDs, this year will feature also a special Lullabies version for celebrating the 60th anniversary of the contest.

The Double CD will feature 16 lullaby versions of this year’s participants as well as 16 lullaby versions of all-time hits. It will be released by the EBU and ORF and go on sale starting 20 April, same as the other CDs.

“If we have Baby Mozart and Baby Led Zeppelin, then why not having also Baby Eurovision? We would like to attract more fans and let them join the Eurovision family even from a very young age, as well as to escort our dedicated fans even when they are asleep”, told us a member of the musical production team, which produced the 32 songs as lullabies.

More information about the CD compilation, such as the tracklist, can be found on

Check out the trailer for the CD below:

Stay tuned to for more news regarding the 60th Eurovision Song Contest.


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