MF 2003: “Carola refuses to participate”

by Bjørn Erik Opheim 183 views

The news paper Aftonbladet writes today that, according to a reliable source, Carola doesn't want to participate in Melodifestivalen 2003, because she fears it could damage her career.

Two days ago, on Monday this week, the Swedish broadcaster SVT was forced to hold a meeting of crisis, to discuss whether or not to disqualify the song Autumn Leaf written by Carola Häggkvist, which is one of the 32 entries taking part in the national selection Melodifestivalen 2003. The reason for this severe attitude from the broadcaster, is the new rule of the Swedish national final, which states that the artist who sings on the recorded tape submitted to the selection jury, also has to perform the song.

An obviously reliable source, who doesn't want to reveal his/her name for the news paper, told Aftonbladet that “this was a big bluff from the very beginning. She has never been interested. Carola doesn't dare to participate, because she fears it could damage her career.”

What more is, the news paper claims that Carola is demanding a male artist to perform Autumn Leaf, because she wants to include the song in her next CD.

Carola's personal spokeswoman, Marie Widlert, commented the case this way: “I can neither confirm, nor deny, anything. The decition of Carola whether to participate or not, has not yet been made, and will still drag on for some weeks.”

The project leader of Melodifestivalen 2003, Thomas Hall, could confirm that Carola is surrounded by question marks: “She was doubtful from the very beginning, and after what I've understood, she's still having her doubts. But there's still a lot of time ahead of us, to find a solution.” The date Thomas Hall is referring to, is Decembre 17th, when all the participants in Melodifestivalen 2003 will be announced by the Swedish broadcaster SVT.

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