Moldova: Listen to the 27 submitted songs

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Upon expiration of the deadline for the submission of the entries for the Moldovan preselection for the next Eurovision Song Contest, TRM have have received 27 songs that comply with the standards set by the broadcaster. The songs are available now to listen and comment on through TRM's website.

Fans have now the chance to listen to all 27 songs submitted to the Moldovan broadcaster and vote for their favourites in the TRM forum. This vote will have no actual effect on the decision of the special jury, which will determine the finalists next week as it is clearly stated on the site. It is obvious, though, that the broadcaster will be monitoring the fans' reactions to see what the general public thinks of the songs.

The full list of the submitted songs is:

Alexa – We are one (Music: Brasoveanu/Lyrics: Buga)
Alexandru Bognibov – I love the girls (Music: Bognibov/Lyrics: Bognibov)
Orion – Chokolina (Music: Orion/Lyrics: Orion)
Tanita- Exciting (Music: Sava/Lyrics: Surdu)
Dana Marchitan- Your name (Music: Taranu/Lyrics: Taranu)
Alex Hioara- Love in Spain (Music: Taranu/Lyrics: Taranu)
Liusia Znamensky- Don't deceive my heart (Music: Znamensky/Lyrics: Znamensky)
Galina Scoda- Your own vision (Music: Stircea/Lyrics: PopoviciLyricsParaschiv)
Scroom- Jane (Music: Munteanu/Lyrics: Zariciuc)
Sergiu Ilasciuc- Just be mine (Music: Brasoveanu/Lyrics: PopoviciLyricsParaschiv)
Olia Tira- Always will be (Music: Taranu/Lyrics: Taranu)
Cristina Rujitcaia- You make me feel crazy (Music: Rujitcaia/Lyrics: Rujitcaia)
Elena Condorachi- Tinar zbor (Music: Stircea/Lyrics: PopoviciLyricsParaschiv)
Eugen Silta- In 2 (Music: Silta/Lyrics: Silta)
Geta Burlacu – A century of love
Catrina Pislaru- Dance with me (Music: Rahn/Lyrics: Rahn)
Catrina Pislaru- Feelings (Music: Dinga/Lyrics: Rahn)
Santa Maffy- World goes wild (Music: Santa Maffy/Lyrics: Samardac)
Edict- I believe (Music: Cataraga/Lyrics: Dabija)
Metrolive- Ogoni (Music: Sleazina/Lyrics: Uvarov)
El Radu- Let me love you (Music: Lincovschi/Lyrics: Sinchebru)
Elena Dermidjean- Living creatures (Music: Stircea/Lyrics: Reznic)
Ne Predel- Moldova (Music: Macarov/Lyrics: Cobilteanu)
Jay Mon- Point of view (Music: Taranu/Lyrics: Taranu)
Slavici- O alta istorie (Music: Moroz/Lyrics: Moroz)
Ruxanda- I'm out of your game (Music: Calistru/Lyrics: Calistru)
Tatiana Ignat- The game is on again (Music: Kara/Lyrics: Kara)

You can listen to the songs here.

The forum can be found here .

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