Iceland: Full Songvakeppnin results revealed

by Pete Lewis 500 views

The Icelandic broadcaster, RUV, has revealed the full voting results for Songvakeppnin 2015. The competition ended last Saturday with Unbroken being declared the winning entry, but the win wasn’t so clear cut.

The voting showed that in the super-final María Ólafsdóttir’s Unbroken was a clear favourite with the Icelandic public ahead of Friòrik Dór’s Once again;Maria receiving 70,774 votes to Friòrik’s 55,850.

However, in the first round of voting in the final it was a different story. Had there not been a super-final, Friòrik would’ve ended up representing Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

He topped both the jury and public vote, whilst Unbroken came fourth with the juries and second with the public (just 397 votes behind Once again).

Behind them, Elín Sif Halldórsdóttir finished in third place with both the public and the jury meaning she just missed out on the super-final.You can see the full results below.

The public vote result

  1. Friòrik DórOnce again: 21,834
  2. María ÓlafsdóttirUnbroken: 21,437
  3. Elín Sif HalldórsdóttirDance slow: 14,409
  4. SundayFeathers: 8,539
  5. Björn og félagarPultur og stúlka: 8,444
  6. Cadem – Fly: 6,491
  7. Haukur Heiòar HaukssonMilljón augnablik: 4,239

The jury result

  1. Friòrik Dór Once again
  2. Björn og félagarPultur og stúlka
  3. Elín Sif HalldórsdóttirDance slow
  4. María ÓlafsdóttirUnbroken
  5. SundayFeathers
  6. Haukur Heiòar HaukssonMilljón augnablik
  7. CademFly

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