The Isabelle Interview

by Benny Royston 38 views today spoke to one of the breakthrough artists of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest national finals. Isabelle scooped the Best Newcomer award for Malta's Song For Europe festival and finished third in the Best Overall Performance category. Today she spoke to about her experience and plans for the future

Talking about her participation at Malta Song For Europe 2007 and winning her Best Newcomer award, Isabelle told esc
"I was very happy! I remember all MSFE singers were invited on a Festival TV programme, and the people behind gave me the news. I think that it was a very good achievement for me! Also, I loved it when I learnt that I had placed 3rd in the Best Overall Performance Category behind Olivia and Trilogy…I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the journalists that were here in Malta during the MSFE who voted for me". was keen to find out if Isabelle will return to the competition in 2008. Her responce to being asked about this:
"Definately! It was one of the best experiences in my singing career and I am going to work hard to be there once again! I believe that you should not submit songs with the same style all the time. Whatever the style, I will make sure that the music will let me show my vocal abilities to the full. Maybe yo u might see me with a Rock Ballad this year".

We asked Isabelle if she has any plans to work with songwriters or producers for next year. She said:
"I am working with Gerard James Borg and Philip Vella again, that's for sure. They're very professional. I will probably work with other Composers and Authors too. One can point that I'm now a Finalist in Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza and the songMuza is written by Keith Zammit and Philip Vella, so I might experiment something with that team too".

Isabelle performed this year's Moldovan Eurovision Song Contest entry, <i>Fight</i> live on television a few weeks ago. Asked about how this came about, Isabelle said:
"I was invited to perform during a Fund Raising Marathon. The money earned was to be spent to aid poor people in third-world countries. I decided to sing this song because I was going to sing close to the ending of the Marathon so I needed an up-tempo songs to see the volunteers there cheering and dancing, fe eling happy that it was almost over and after all they had given their help in a very good cause.

The moment I saw Natalia Barbu in the Semi-Finals on Thursday, I immediately liked the music and lyrics. The lyrics touched my heart. I like to sing songs with a message…This song is about having to fight in life to achieve what you want, work hard, be determined to do sacrifices, and you will succeed".

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