Mihai Traistariu: new releases

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Miahi Traistariu, Romanian representative in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, is about to release the new videoclip for the song Dimmi sì o no as well his new album with twelve new songs. It will be the 10th album and the 17th videoclip in his career.


The making of the videoclip has already finished and there are plans that it will be shown in 14 countries. The official launch will be in two weeks along with the new album which will include twelve brand new songs in no less than six different languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Cumbala, Romanian and Chinese. The world premiere will take place during one of Romania's biggest shows Sunday with your family on Antena 1.

One week later, the single along with the videoclip will be published in the following 14 countries, the album will follow another week later:

  • Greece
  • Cyprus
  • Malta
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Moldova


Mihai has also been chosen to compete in the semi final in one of the biggest music contests in Europe called New wave. He reached the top 100 out of more than 3000 competitors. The semi final wil take place on 11th June in Moscow where a special jury will choose the 16 singer to move forward to the grand final.

Russian rumours

About the rumours that Mihai Traistariu wants to represent Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest, he stated:

"It was a joke , of course , for those people who didn't understand: I said in an interview that I met Phillip Kirkorov twice in my life … once in Belarus at Slaviansky bazar Festival and in 2006 with Dima Bilan for Eurovision.

He gave me a card with his phone numbers and he said that he would like to write me a song one day. This year I was in Helsinki to sing in clubs exactely in the period of Eurovision and I saw the contest very closer to the stage. I liked a lot Dima Koldun's song , as I liked a lot last year's entry of Dima Bilan.

I know that both songs were written by Phillipp Kirkorow… so …it was in my mind to try at Eurovision in the next years with his song. That's it. But …for Romania! Of course ! … not for Russia !!!

Anyway …speaking of the televoting this year … From year to year the fans of Eurovision can observe that the neighbour 's voting system is more and more dominant in Eurovision and this is an disadvantage for some countries. I don't like to hear " huoooo " when Romania gets 12 points from Moldova or Moldova gets 12 points from Romania. I don't want to hear " huoooo " when Cyprus gives 12 points to Greece. This year it was like this. I liked a lot the Greece's song this year. And Moldova, too. But … nobody's happy … because you never know if it was a real vote … or it was " our neighbours "

Even if I would like to be different …I'm afraid that nothing will be changed in the near future. That's Eurovision . Anyway Romania has to thank a lot to Moldova and Spain in the last years … but …. we all would like to be different… Look at Malta … or Belgium. They don't have " neighbours " . Isn't it ? Let's do something !!! I don't know what has to be done , but … maybe EBU has an idea … !
See you in EUROVISION !!! "

In Athens, Mihai finished 4th with his song Tornerò. It was the highest place entry of a directly qualified country.

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