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Romania's Eurovision Song Contest entrants, Todomondo, placed 13th in this year�s final that took place on the 12th of May at Hartwall Arena in Helsinki. The multilingual Romanian group participated with their song Liubi liubi I love you, receiving 84 points from 16 countries consequently next year Romania has to pass through the semifinal.

Although the song was performed in 6 different languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Romanian), the maximum 12 points came only from Spain and Moldova. Specifically, France gave only 7 points to Romania, Russia just 1 point and UK no points.

Dan Manoliu, the Romanian Head of Delegationstated :“According to what happened this year, despite the results, I think Romania worth more, she would have entered the top 10. Don’t forget the big problems we faced this year, problems that have been mentioned several times. All the six of them were very well prepared and don’t forget that Germany although they had a great singer and an amazing song they ended almost last. So, the 13th position is a miracle.”

The Romanian press and media consider the 13th place unlucky and superstitious while everybody is talking about a bad production. Todomondo were very unpleased when they watched their performance at the final and they realized that the cameraman was inside some plans. “The performance was good, the sound was nice but the cameraman missed the first pyrotechnics. This happens when you only have five rehearsals. Don’t forget also the cameraman who entered in the camera’s plan on stage.”
Todomondo arrived home in Romania a little bit disappointed but with three new songs in their bags composed during their promo tour, one in Turkey, the other one in Malta and the third one in Athens.
On their arrival at Bucharest’s airport, Otopeni, lots of fans and family members were there to support them with champagne and flowers.“The result had surprised us. Some of us cried because it was very hard. At least people don’t blame us because they know we gave everything we could. The result would have been the same even if another song would have been sent to represent our country.”

As they stated to a few days before the big final, we will see more Todomondo in the future and who knows?-Maybe the following years to another Eurovision Song Contest will spread their message to more countries and fly the flag of love and happiness all over Europe like they did this year.

Todomondo's interview to before the final in Helsinki.

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