Marija in Denmark

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Wednesday, the Serbian winner Marija started her winner�s tour. First stop was Denmark where she visited Århus, Jutland and flew on to the capital, Copenhagen, in the evening. On the plan were several interviews, performances, but she also had time to catch up with Danish participant DQ who followed her on this day in Denmark.

Marija had arrived Tuesday evening and had time for a good long sleep, as first step on the schedule was a performance at 10.30 at Bruuns Galleri in Århus. After that it was time for a radio show at Café Hack before she left for the airport to fly to Copenhagen.

In Copenhagen, Marija performed at the town hall square for a live TV show on DR, the Danish broadcaster, before she had to continue her trip by flying to Madrid.

Michael from met her in Århus and by clicking here you can find his pictures in the gallery. Michael also did an interview with her. We have translated some of the questions to English for our readers to understand.

Dear Marija. I think Molitva is an amazing song, and I want to congratulate you on your victory. How does it feel to win on the first occasion that Serbia took part as an independent country?

Thank you so much! I am very proud to be Serbian participant because it is the first time we take part and then even win. It is fantastic. It was what we wanted and we got it, so now we will have to live with it. But I am proud to be Serbian and all Serbs are that now. We are the happiest people on the planet in this moment.

Your song means prayer, but do you pray for the relationship between two girls, or just two lovers? What does the song mean to you personally?

Of course two lovers, it is a song about praying for love. I can’t see the difference between two girls, two boys, and two dogs. It is normal for me. I am thinking that no one needs to know what you, me or her do when we close the door to our bedroom. It is a strange thing that people wants to know, but it is a part of this business and I will just have to understand that, but yes, it is definitely a pray for love – song. Not for anyone special.

Why did you sing your song entirely in Serbian?

Because I believe that all countries should sing in their native language, maybe I am wrong, but that is my opinion. But then of course there is the thing about how someone in Germany or Greece can then understand what I am singing. That is why I think that the CD’s, the internet and my own website needs to have the English and the Russian version available for people to listen to.

What did Eurovision Song Contest mean to you, before you took part?

I have never seen much from the Eurovision Song Contest before. I don’t want people to misunderstand me now, but there is no good music there for me. Just before the interview I thought about a song a few years ago which was one of the best and it didn’t even qualify for the final. Then I decided that there is something wrong, it shouldn’t be possible. It is because it is a show. But this year I took part; everything went great so the music can indeed win.

Right now you are sitting in Denmark, at the first Eurovision winner’s tour. What do you hope this tour will give you?

It is the first time this tour is organised. I have seen the schedule and I am a bit disappointed that I can’t do anything else than sit down and talk, sit down and talk and again sit down and talk. But it is ok, I was forced to find a way to enjoy it and I think I found it. It is hard to think about that when this is over there is just even more interviews. Ordinary people want to be a part of this, but it is every day for me. It can be hard to enjoy, but why not?

In the Danish media there has been a lot of talk about the fight between East and West Europe. What do you think about that discussion?

I was disappointed because DQ had a real Eurovision song and a real Eurovision performance. Strange for me, but what can I do? But it is normal that countries around Russia votes for Russia. Countries from Balkan votes for Serbia. Scandinavians for Finland, but it is not normal for me to go to Finland and get 12 points, but thank you, Finland!

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