Marija smashes ESC formula

by Benny Royston 116 views

It's time that the debate moves from the politics and fuss over voting and gets back to some real discussion about the winning song. Marija Serifovic reached some outstanding achievements on Saturday if recent history is considered. For the first time since Ireland's The Voice in 1996, a ballad won the Eurovision Song Contest and for the first time since 1991, the winning song featured no English lyrics.

The last time a ballad won the Eurovision Song Contest was in Oslo back in 1996 when Eimar Quinn took the crown for Ireland. For those that do not count The Voice or the previous winner, Nocturn as a ballad, it would be the first ballad winner since Rock n roll years 1994.

Carola was the last Eurovision Song Contest winner to capture the Eurovision Song Contest crown with a song containing no English. Fångad av en stormvind was 100% sung in Swedish during the 1991 competition in Italy. Although Dana International won for Israel in 1998 with Diva, the Hebrew language song featured a catchy chorus of famous names, rather than full worded lyrics and Nocturn for Norway in 1995 only had two lines of words in what was widely accepted as a piece of classical music.

Marija recorded nine versions of the song in total, including the English version and the dance remixes, and she sang the song in Finnish during the winner's press conference, but she remained true to her native language in the competition itself and took the crown. She also broke with a tradition of performing part of the winning reprise of the song in English, as Bobbysocks and Carola have done after winning.

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