International press reacts to result

by Benny Royston 73 views

Press reactions to the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 final in Western European countries has been cynical at best, with calls to withdraw from tabloid columnists and former participants alike.

Bild Zeitung asks “Why are we even taking part any more?” and condemns the contest for its “weak songs, shameful exchange of points” and the fact that “we are paying”, referring to Germany’s status as one of the Big Four contributors to the show every year. After Roger’s disappointment – “I’d hoped for a top ten placing” he told journalists after the show – Bild lamented the fact that “it’s the same dilemma yet again” and suggest the Roger fell foul of Eastern European voting patterns.

The UK press had been extremely critical of the national entry, a fact which angered members of the group who expected more support from home country. British cynicism was summed up by the bookmakers’ rush to slash the odds of another nil points year for the UK, and the entry encountered criticism on all sides. Former winner Cheryl Baker (UK 1981) slammed Flying the Flag (For You) as “not contemporary enough”, suggesting that “Big Brovaz would have had a good chance… and when it came down to the two, Cyndi should have won”. Speaking to British tabloid The Sun, Cheryl sums up what she thinks the UK is doing wrong at Eurovision: “entering” is her simple answer.

The Irish Times dismisses the Serbian entry as “whining” and also focuses on the Eastern European voting tendencies on its

Swiss tabloid Blick. already riled over the early exit of former favourite DJ Bobo – in only 20th place in the semifinal – explains “none of the countries of Western and Northern Europe have a chance. This, however, has little to do with the quality of the presentations.” The Austrian broadcaster ORF speaks of a “new Europe” on its news portal, but also suggests that in this region, the “is taken more seriously as a pop competition, while in the old guard countries it is still regarded as the Schlager Grand Prix”.

However, several outlets also express support for the winning song. ORF continues to call Serbia’s entry a “classy song”, whilst France’s Le Monde reports that “finally, a good song has won”.

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