Semi final voting analysis

by Marcus Klier 97 views

After the final results were announced, the semi final results of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest were published. As expected, we can see some unexpected votes.

Here are the results of the semi final:

  1. Serbia 298 points
  2. Hungary 224 points
  3. Turkey
  4. Belarus
  5. Latvia
  6. Bulgaria
  7. Slovenia
  8. Georgia
  9. F.Y.R. Macedonia
  10. Moldova
  11. Portugal
  12. Andorra
  13. Iceland
  14. Poland
  15. Cyprus
  16. Croatia
  17. Albania
  18. Norway
  19. Denmark
  20. Switzerland
  21. Netherlands
  22. Estonia
  23. Montenegro
  24. Israel
  25. Malta
  26. Belgium
  27. Austria
  28. Czech Republic

First of all, it now turns out that the list with the so-called semi final results published yesterday was fake. Latvia has not won the semi final, they were only 5th. In the final tonight, Latvia was even the least succesful semi final qualifier.

After the semi final, the order in which the qualifiers finished has dramatically changed: While Serbia won both rounds, Hungary finished 2nd in the semi final but 9th in final. Magdi Ruzsa was therefore only the 5th most succesful qualifier which might have been up to the starting position which was much earlier in the final than in the semis. As mentioned above, Latvia has dropped from 5th spot to 10th spot (overall, they finished 16th). Among the placings of the other countries, only minor changes can be seen.

The Czech Republic has finished last with only one point from Estonia. This is the second lowest score ever achieved ina semi final and the first time that a debuting country finishes last since 1994. Andorra has achieved the best result so far, a 12th position with 80 points. Malta, the Big Poll winner, only finished 25th with 15 points.

You can find the scoreboard hereand further analysis here.

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