Marija at the winner's press conference

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Serbian winner Marija Serifovic has just spoken to journalists at the winner's press conference, shortly after winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 in Helsinki.

Marija took the opportunity to thank Europe for voting for Molitva, hoping thatthis meant that it really was the best song,and she invited everyone to Belgrade next year. “I am proud to be a Serbian, and I am proud that the next contest will be organised in Belragde” she told journalists.

Hear the music, don't watch it
But would the Serbian win affect the kind of music we hear at next year’s contest, just as there was a rockier feel to many of this year’s entries after Lordi’s win? “I honestly hope there will be more ballads” said Marija in answer to this. “I am a singer. I like to hear the music and not to watch it. I hope the next contest in
Belgrade will be a music contest.”

With a debut win for Serbia now on her CV, Marija was asked what advice she has for Western countries, which are finding it difficult to make their mark on the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years. “I don’t know what to say – but honestly, composers just need to make great songs. I’m so sorry because in the past few years, the contest has become something to watch. Don’t watch music, listen to it. We need to make good songs, and sing the music.”

Marija admitted to being very tired, but will nonetheless join the party tonight: “I drink white wine” she advised. And as a thank you to Finland – “Finland gave me twelve points” – her backing singers sang the Finnish version of Molitva to the collected press.

Thanks to God
Finally, Marija thanked everyone who had helped her reach the top – the fan club, her team in
Helsinki, and her mother, who was present at the press conference and waved to journalists. And finally, she thanked God and her family.

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