Eirikur: I'll never do Eurovision again

by Tom Espen Hansen 89 views

In an interview with the Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet, Icelandic contestant, Eirikkur Hauksson, expresses his dissapointment. He says that he will never enter the Eurovision Song Contest again. His reaction is sad, as one of the popular competition veterans, and mirrors that of compatriot, Selma – who said the same in 2005 after failing to reach the final on her second visit to the competition.

Earlier he thought that anyone could win this Contest if the song is good enough, but now he doubts this with the eastern european dominance. He even went so far that he stated he actually never wants to see the Eurovision Song Contest again!

Danish and Norwegian pressare especially vocal in their anger about the fact that no Western countries qualified from last night's semi final and Danish broadcaster DR will check yesterday's voting to see if it is true that there is a big difference between the way eastern and western countries were voting.

Eurovision icon of Denmark, Jørgen de Mylius, states that the Eurovision Song Contest is in danger because of this situation. He urges DR to act towards theEBU now, before the competition loses even more interest in the West. Personally he'd like to see one competition for the old traditional Eurovision countries, and one for the new ones.

Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet reports of a storm of reactions from thetelevision viewers in the three Scandinavian countries, stating that something has to be done about the eastern dominance.

Even though Eirikkur of Iceland seem to be furious about yesterdays result, both DQ of Denmark and Norwegian Guriare not too dissapointed about the result. They stated that they are very satisfied with their performances, they did their best and it was obviously not enough for the rest of Europe.

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