Themis Malli: Latvia won semi

by Benny Royston 61 views

Claims by a Greek television presenter, Themis Malli, to know the result of the semi final have been made this morning. During the La Sousourela breakfast show in Greece, Malli presented a list that he claimed was the official semi final result, which he apparently found on the internet. The List shows Latvia beating Serbia into second place. He wrongly claimed to know the semi final result in 2004, claiming Sakis Rouvas had won, when he in fact came third!

In 2004, the same presenter claimed to have an official list that said Sakis Rouvas won the 2004 Semi Final for Greece. The truth was of course that he did not, and that Serbia Montenegro won the semi final ahead of Ukraine. As we all know, that result was switched around by the viewing audience during the final and Ukraine went on to win. has asked the EBU if there is any way in which this list could be legitimate and whether there would be any action taken if the official semi final result has been leaked a day before the final!

01. Latvia
02. Serbia
03. Bulgaria
04. Georgia
05. Belarus
06. Hungary
07. Moldova
08. Turkey
09. Slovenia
10. FYR Macedonia

Highest placed Western European Countries: Andorra (11th), Cyprus (12th), Denmark (14th).

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