The 2007 Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final

by Benny Royston 120 views

Live at the Press Centre, Helsinki, the team is watching the show with you. There will be brief comments updated in real time, but this is where you can react to the show! Have Your Say in the reactions section below

01 Bulgaria

Elitsa and Stoyan put in a strong opening performance, although it was not their best vocal performance of the week. The crowd enjoyed it, but hte reaction in the press centre is low.

02 Israel

There are more than one camera! The background video in the chorus is not Blue! The camera work is not great, but the band looked like they enjoyed the performance and it was definitely their best 3 minutes on the stage this week.

03 Cyprus

Evridiki is working the camera and the stage to the maximum, it's as good as any performance she has had this week. She looks pleased, but only the voters can really make her happy tonight.


Confidence is oozing and for the first time this week we see Koldun without Philip Kirkorov. The stage performance was every bit as strong as expected, the camera work great… the vocals? Needs improvement on Saturday if it qualifies!


The most experienced male veteran of the Eurovision Song Contest put's in a top drawer performance, but the sound doesn't seem great as it's coming through in the press center. Eirkur wants a place in the final, with his first Eurovision entry in his own genre, and he's done all he can to win one.


Another good vocal performance for Sopho as Georgia make their Eurovision Song Contest debut, but the cameras seem to be missing much of the pyrotechnics. (and yes, that was's Rene Romkes waving on camera!)


Mr. Faddy also puts in a strong performance of the song, but it doesn't look as strong as some of the previous ones.


Visually – near perfect, vocally – not perfect! Everything looks good, but notes are missed and the sound for much of the song was not good.


Natalia Barbu vocally perfect and an unforgetable stage act. Nice direction, a "warm" background, it's the best performance so far. It deserves to go through..


Edsilia Rombley is back on the Eurovision stage, and the clear view in the pres centre is that she should be there on Saturday night again. A great vocal performance and a true Eurovision Song Contest entry in the traditional sence. We are trying to find out why the male dancer was not on stage!


The plea is heard through excellent vocal performances and the theatrical style works well on the Helsinki stage. The song has not featured near the top of any polls, but many think that there are some surprises in store this year, and Albania qualifying is not impossible.


DQ puts in the strongest vocal perforance of his competition so far. Hitting every note after a string of misses in rehearsals, Denmark can ask no more of their Drama Queen in their quest to return to the final.


A good performance of what, this year, is an average song. Whilst many other artists are putting in their best performances, Croatia will have a strong battle to find enough votes to reach the final this year.


Santa Clause watch out! Short red mini dresses and firey looks to kill, one of the most commercial entries of the year sounds good, but could be better coming through the speakers. Poland need to improve one place on their last tw entries to reach the final. Have they done enough?


With the performance of the night so far, it would take something really unusual to see Marija Serifovic miss out on the final. A perfect performance of the song should see her safely through to Saturday night.


Again, another rock song that appears to be good for it's genre but will struggle to be remembered amongst 28 songs in the longest musical preformance list in Eurovision history.

abrina looks great in white and the Portuguese sun tan complements it well. It's the most popular
Portugese song for years in the Eurovision community, and the singer is impressing everyone in the press centre. Will Portugal return to the final?


Karolina is looking fantastic and it's another strong performance from her. The stage work is strong and the cameras are doing as well with this entry as they have for any. Many think this will be FYR Macedonia's highest finish at the competition, and their hopes are resting on a very capable performer. Karolina finally get's to perform partly in English and it's clear she's enjoying it!


Guri Schanke puts in a fabulous performance and follows DQ with a double costume change. Great vocal performance over an improved backing track, if the BIgPoll is right, Norway go through!


Olivia was excellent, just like in the rehearsals. The song was warmly received by the crowd, sign that Olivia could get to the final with flying colours.

They promised to make the walls dance and they delivered. The boys from Andorra performed Salvem el mon to perfection and they received a huge reaction from the crowd with prolonged applause from the arena. Maybe it is time for all of those who wish to hear a song in Catalan in the final to get ready!

22. Hungary

Magdi's prop use was different – simple and effective. A great vocal performance as Hungary look to return to the final after missing out last year.


A match made in heaven between Gerli and the cameraman. Excellent camera work with lots of close ups on her. Very good vocal performance from the Estonian artist and a finely executed dance routine.


The KMG's delivered a colourful, entertaining performance in which they could display in full their vocal abilities. A utterly fun performance that got a lot of fans off their seats.


Alenka nails it and gets a standing ovation from the crowd. One of the beswt vocal performances of the evening so far. A magic light in the palm of her hand was interesting and she seemed thrilled with her performance, smiling throughout and looking comfortable with opera at the Eurovision Song Contest.


The hall goes crazy for Kenan Dogulu, starting in a golden box and bursting out. The camera work did not make the most of the much hyped crystals in the jacket, but Turkey are a good bet for the final.


Eric shone in his thousands of Swarovski crystals. Great rapport with the audience, he repeated his call for a party. The red costumes stood out oerfectly against the white background. An excellent performance by this very young artist.


The boys of Bonaparti perform a 100% perfect vocal performance, yet again, far surpassing anything in rehearals. There is an air about this song that says it can take Eurovision to Latvia again. Can they get through tonight?

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