Norway: 25,000 crystals make Guri shine

by Tom Espen Hansen 65 views

Norwegian costume designer Carejanni Enderud has almost gotten a tendon inflammation after hours of work on Guris dress. All 25,000 chrystals has been glued on manually using forceps. He is not using cheap spanglets but real Swarowski crystals from the famous Swiss crystal manufacturer.

Carejanni himself has a long experience with dresses and quick costumechanges, as he has worked together with Geir Lillejord of Queentastic, doing a TV-series called 'Ruth og Vigdis' amongst other shows.

In an interview with esctoday he says that the work with Guri's thre dresses (she changes dress twice during her song) has been going on for over 14 days. And he also got help with the work with all the chrystals, which are ordered directly from London. All in all the dresses has a material cost of over 3000€, and then the work is not included. Carejanni adds that clothes with Swarovsky chrystals on them automaticly gets a higher value on the market.

In the Norwegian final NRK used a 'soft-filter' wich shades out a lot of the glitter visible on the stage, but that is not the case here in Helsinki. So on the stage, Guri could win a duell with any chandelair. Guri's third dress is probably the shortest of the competition, and it has built in underwear, to ensure the most secure performance.

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