Les' do it for Marie Miriam!

by Benny Royston 143 views

Les Fatals Picards made a promise to Marie Miriam that they would do all they can to take the Eurovision Song Contest to France and take the pressure off of her as the country's last winner. The band are certainly keeping their promise, having arrived in a blaze of craziness in Helsinki and being spotted here there and everywhere!

The esctoday.com cameras caught the band amusing themselves after seeing their video on a trinotron screen outside the Euroclub on Monday night, and as you can see from the video below, they found it rather exciting.

Watching from above, none other than the French Head of Delegation – a Eurovision Organiser in waiting? Bruno Berberes could easily be confused in this video for someone who had recently captured the French presidency.

After that, the band entered the Euroclub, where they were almost thrown off the stage by a security guard who didn't realise that they were dancing to their own song!

See the crazy Fatals Picards enjoying their time in Helsinki here:


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