20. UPD Planet Romania: Todomondo on stage

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The Earth still dominates Romania's show on stage in Hartwall, providing a beautiful, globally relevant backdrop to a song which builds brilliantly.

The stage resembles a huge solar system in the long shots on television, circling around the lads on stage. The delegation goes a long way to presenting the same kinds of imagery and movement from the promo video, and this carries across largely to the dance routine, which the boys perform with gusto. Because of the sudden movements, close-ups were occasionally losing their target as the band member in question jumped back up before the shot had finished. This should be perfected over the course of the dress rehearsals, however.

Hints of everything
There are hints of the Roger Cicero in the Romanian presentation, with the trilby making a welcome comeback. This entry is similarly catchy with that tap-along hook, and more than one foot in the audience was beating in time to the music. There is even a touch of Les Fatals Picards in here, with the manic run-on-the-spot movements of the final section of the song. In fact, there is a good deal of everything in here – something for almost everyone, and not just because of the multiple languages.

The pyros, which were employed in Romania's final run though, add another dose of fun, with green and white spark effects used in the last half of the song.

Vocally, the group are still a bit of mixed bag, but all the performances are given in a good spirit of fun, with a couple of excellent ones. The sense of fun definitely translates to the audience in the hall, which, despite much reduced numbers, still managed to give the boys a warm round of applause they can be happy with.

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Press conference

The Romanians expressed that they were concerned about their first rehearsal, but Todomondo said their second rehearsals had been good and they hope to win the Eurovision Song Contest this year. "We really want to win because for the first time wholeRomania expects us to win."

The melody of the song was finished last August and the lyrics were formed this January. All the members of the band like the music of that country whose language they sing in. "The song comes from our hearts and our message is that love is the same everywhere."

The popularity of the Eurovision Song Contest has grown these past years in Romaniadue to their good resultsat it. They had 100 songs more sent in to their national selection this year and also the amount of viewers of the finalhas grown every year, the head of the Romanian delegation said.

The press conference was ended by them singing their entry and trying to do it faster than on stage. It was cheered heavily by the journalist attending the press conference. Also, they performed a gypsy song for the audience which was at least equally cheered to.

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