UPD 05. Leave me alone: Hanna intense on stage

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The Finns seem happy with the overall package for Hanna's entry Leave Me Alone today, as little has changed from the initial rehearsal yesterday.

The staging for the home entry has hardly altered, and the Gothic rock show remains in full force, bats, trees and Celtic symbolism as evident as ever on stage. Hanna appears once more all in black, today without the beads. The only colour to break the dark blacks and blues of the staging is a band of red tied around the singer's neck. She performs as intensely and confidently as ever, staring accusingly into the camera when in close-up as the wind machine cruelly howls around her face. Dry ice remains a key feature of the performance, as befits the style of the piece. Spectacular showers of sparks precede the final chorus, before possibly the most stunning pyro finish yet – magenta rockets shooting in time to the final beats of the song.

The camera zooms out suddenly from a close-up of Hanna to capture the whole stage as the chorus kicks in. The direction benefits from quick pans around the stage from far back in the hall, in which Hanna looks like a dark queen in a sea of neon blue. She positively rules the TV screen thanks to the great shots combined with her stunning stage presence.

Finland’s second press conference
Hanna started the conference by singing a very tender acoustic version of Leave me alone with her guitarist, lacking most of the aggressiveness and bringing the song to new levels. She was much more relaxed today and told it is all thanks to a very good sleep. She feels great and is ready for the final.

She told the second rehearsal was much easier, she felt stronger on stage and everything looks very good for Saturday. She also told it is very possible she could easily have the ultimate Eurovision experience of not being able to remember anything of her three minutes on stage afterwards.

She was asked that when she wins where she wants her statue erected and her answer was after a moment of confused hesitation her home town Lappeenranta in south-east Finland. Added question if it is ok the statue is a naked one was met with giggles.

Then she was asked if she has ever used the rather strong words in the song in her private life and she explained it is so much easier to do so in a song than in real life. She also told that she has been singing all her life and just few years ago her friends and colleagues just laughed at her when she told about her dreams but here she is now!

She was very excited to have met her teenage years’ idol DJ BoBo last night at the opening party and welcomed everyone to her gig in EuroClub tomorrow night.

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