04. Dervish daisy: Dramatic change of Irish staging

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Dervish's Cathy appeared on stage for her second rehearsal this morning barefoot, in a flowing white dress with crimson trimming.

Dervish started off still singing in front of the orange webbing effect, which actually looks a lot better on screen than it does on the stage; what had changed immediately was the addition of a huge daisy on the screens which opens into bloom as the song starts, in front of which the band sing. This breaks the monotony of the background slightly, although it looked very busy; this was remedied as the orange background was banished altogether, which will please many fans who had hated the effect from the start. Now, Dervish sing in front of the warm, dusky daisy head against a starlit background. Some nice uplighting either side of the stage completed the effect. The new background means that the scene looks a lot lighter and more cheerful on the small screen as the white, and not as dark and moody as it did at yesterday's rehearsal.

Cathy continues to turn in captivating folksy performances, and proved she has a sense of humour on stage on one the false starts, when the music abuptly broke off and the singer responded with a turntable-style slow-down with her voice. With little whoops peppering the performance, she is clearly enjoying every minute of her Eurovision stage experience, as are the other band members.

Everything is receiving huge applause in the hall this morning as the crowd of journalists and fans gets larger by the day. Dervish were no exception, receiving a huge hand after each run.

As with the other acts, the country flag now flies beneath the feet of the performers as the song begins. After this, the main lighting of the presentation fires up and the songs winds on to its conclusion.

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