02. D'nash looking flash: Spain on stage

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Confident D'nash are looking like they mean business after several charismatic and strong performances at their second rehearsal in Hartwall this morning.

The stage lighting is a melody of cool colours now, as the digital mosaic background cycles between blues and reds, settling on the latter for the striking choruses. The dark – bright contrast between verses and choruses gives the performance a lot more depth on screen, which explodes into diablo red at the refrain, the words I LOVE U MI VIDA covering the background.

Spain makes early use of the pyros, industrial sparks flying from the kettle drums as the first chorus hits; as the song ends, huge flaming columns appear behind the group on stage.

The cameras circle the boys as they perform the routine expertly, not a foot out of place. They attack the song with a renewed Mediterranean passion and vigour missing from several recent Spanish entries at the contest. In many way they seem like a beefed up One, the Cypriot group who opened the 2002 contest. They ended up in a strong sixth place back then, so and Spanish entry this year is arguably the stronger of the two; good reason for Spanish optimism after a string of dismal placings.


The Spanish press conference concerns itself mostly with light topics. One journalist known for asking provocative questions only what kind of food would they serve if they were throwing a Eurovision party. The answer? Traditional Spanish food such as tapas and paella.

Another journalist reminds song writer Thomas G:son that he said in the Norwegian press conference that that he supports Norway. And now in the Spanish press conference he says he supports Spain. G:son grins. The journalist wants to know where he will sit in the green room. Thomas G:son grins again. "With Spain of course", but one suspects he might give a different answer if he were in the Norwegian press conference.

Fred Bronson from Billboard magazine asks if D´Nash is ready to make a commitment to the American market. Of course many Spanish singers find success in the USA since the "latin sound" is popular there. Of course working success in America also requires a commitment to touring and other appearances which can be a large commitment for a group.

D´Nash appears excited about the prospect, but they say they are waiting for the right time.

The group closed out the press conference closing by singing a very nice impromptu version of former Spanish winner Eres tu at a journalists request.

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