15. Verka Serduchka's rehearsal is absolutely lasha tumbai

by Steve Holyer 98 views

Verka Serduchka just wrapped her first rehearsal on the Helsinki stage. Now everyone is breaking for dinner. The performance is simply lasha tumbai. And no. We don't know what that means either.

Verka hasn't changed her performance much since the Ukrainian finals. She appears on-stage in her mirrored raincoat and mirrored "star" cap.

She has the same German 80s electro/disco go go boy's with her wearing silver long shorts and black socks pulled up to their knees. We hope someone remembers to ask them in the press conference if they are both named Dieter.

Verka has trouble remembering the text the first times through, remember her English (and her German) is not so good. She also seems to forget some of the dance steps, but this may also be part of the routine.

There is a new chorus of backing vocalist women towards the rear of the stage. They are clad in complimentary golden mirror raincoats.

Unfortunately, we fear that the very humourous aspects of the performance may be stretched a little too thin over the full three minutes (but the monitors indicate that clever camera work helps to keep it fresh). The Ukrainian fans in the hall have no problems with the performance as they dance madly in the area cleared for press cameras.

Sadly, Verka seems to have cut the brilliant bit of philosophy out of the song: "Don't live to dance, dance to live!" We can only hope she restores this important message before Saturday night.


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