UPD 02. Packing a punch for Spain

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Swedish writer Thomas G:sson had the chance to see his second Eurovision Song Contest entry for 2007 today, as Spain's D'Nash appeared on stage to an expectant and growing crowd of spectators in Hartwall Arena.

The boys all appeared in white, with tracky bottoms and T-shirts with SPAIN written across the top in black lettering, with two female support artists behind the group on tall, silver kettle drums. The stage is lit by a digital yellow mosaic pattern on the screens, which pulsate in time to the rhythms throughout the song.

The lads started off by singing a section of the song acappella to perform a soundcheck and warm up, to which the crowd of Spanish fans responded with cheers and applause. The first run through, likewise, won a great reaction from the hall.

Packing a punch
The dance routine is simple but very well executed, as the boys jump, jive and generally shake it up a little at the front of the stage, before falling to their knees for the big finish. As a group they move very well together on stage, and this comes across well on the screen in today's early, emergent camera shots. The song definitely packs quite a punch in the arena, and the boys really give it some power vocally. A burst of crimson-tinged flames ends the song spectacularly.



Mikel handles the English duties saying the whole band speaks English, but he speaks it "the best." And although he speaks English very well, he doesn't seem convinced.

The Spanish HoD indicated that they were happy with the rehearsal, but they had also identified a lot of lighting and staging changes. Mikel, said they think the rehearsal went well, and they are having fun.

Mikel started working in musicals when he was six years old; he met Basty in a musical school in Madrid while Ony and Javi were friends in Seville. When Ony traveled to Madrid to perfom in a musical, Javo came with him. There they met Mikel and Basty and D'Nash was born. The musical? "Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar" which literally translated is "I can't get up". The musical features the songs of Mecano, a very popular Spanish group from the 80s. It remains one of the most popular musicals in Madrid year after year. So then. The Spanish Mama Mia?

Tony one of the lyricists says that he was thrilled to work with Thomas G:son on the song. He says Thomas is the greatest songwriter there is – "at least for me."

Rebeca the other songwriter (and Eurovision hopeful) also sang a bit to the obvious delight of the fans in attendance. Are the D'Nash guys Song Contest fans themselves? Of course. "It's a pleasure for us to be here."


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