26. Kenan shakes it a second time

by Richard West-Soley 35 views

Kenan Dogulu ran through his Turkish entry for 2007 once again today, at his second rehearsal for Shake It Up Shekerim.

Kenan's female dance quartet appear in classical, white anatolian costumes for today's rehearsal, and look almost like four muses on the screen. Kenan himself provides the East-West contrast by dressing in jeans, a grey V-neck top and a white T-shirt.

Shake it in
The choreography brings a real sense of Eastern spice to the performance, and the mood is set like this over the intro as the cameras travel across the hall to zoom in on the girls dancing around Kenan, shrouded beneath cloth. The words SHAKE IT are now emblazoned across the stage screens as the cameras move in.

Wide, mobile shots with the spider cam make the most of the bling colours filling the set on all sides, whilst there are plenty of close-ups of Kenan and the dancers, who never stray far from their master's side.

Kenan is a very laid back performer who seems to do more or less his own thing on stage while the girls follow a set routine around him. The solid dance routine certainly helps bring a lot of structure to the overall performance, and Kenan is left to do what a singer does best rather than worry too much about joining in. He does manage to strut his stuff for part of the song, however, something his fans will be glad to see!

The reaction in the hall was understandably one of the best, given the presence of a number of excited Turkish fans, but the general reaction was good all round, with warm applause from the collected journalists and fans.


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