UPD 25. Coquettish confidence: Alenka plays to camera

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Alenka Gotar proves that she can really play the part in her second rehearsal today at the Hartwall Arena.

The focus is, quite rightly, on Alenka for almost the entire song, with cameras circling her as she expertly plays coquettishly to them as she twists her hips in a black and white shredded gown. She is completely in character for her three minutes on stage; she looks bewitching as she holds out her hand, and the bright white light of the flower of the South shines on her face. The camera makes a lot of this symbolism, pulling right into her and around as she plays with the light on stage.

Playing with designs
The Slovenian delegation used the final run through to experiment with different designs on stage, and seem drawn to large sun symbols on either side of Alenka, variously superimposed upon the original blue sound level bars. From the hall, this looks very busy, but the effect is much subtler on screen and creates an interesting weave of neon blue and black behind the singer.

As ever, Alenka gave extremely strong performances of Cvet z juga to an enthusiastic crowd response, including the presence of several very vocal fans!

Press Conference
Alenka entered the room to much applause from the crowd. The delegation from Slovenia told how amazed they were with the technical aspects of the show so far and of their joy in their rehearsals. 'Today was much better than last time and last time was fantastic. The sound was just perfect. After the first rehearsal we didn't really have much to say about the sound. But we did discuss having different graphics'.

After talking about the graphics they did let on that although there will be slight differences in the graphics, what was on stage today will be almost as it will be on the night.

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