UPD 05. Dark matter: Iceland's rehearsal

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At Eirikur's second rehearsal for Iceland this afternoon, the Icelandic representative builds on the dark mood in the song on stage with his band. The mood is decidedly jaded, and the effect on screen is as striking as it is in the hall.

Eirikur's band literally hurl themselves into the performance around him, aggressively attacking their instruments, strumming and beating for dear life. In the middle of this, Eirikur's own movements are much more measured, providing a stark contrast to the intensity around him. The effect is one of hard-hitting, jaded rock, and it really hammers the message home to the viewers on the screen.

Dark mood on camera
Twisting camera pans across the stage underline the twisted nature of the music and lyrics, and close-ups on Eirikur – who looks heart-stoppingly striking and not a little fear-inspiring when he is mid-flow – ensure that the dark mood fills the television screen from start to finish.

Eirikur, completely in black complete with leather jacket, treats the audience to another set of flawless, studio-quality vocal performances – after his last rehearsal, observers have come to expect nothing less.

Press Conference
Eirikur's past became the first subject to be discussed when he was asked how he made the transition from teacher to musician. 'Teaching and being an artist is virtually the same, the only difference is in teaching, your audience has to be there'.

As a former participant, questions of Eurovisions gone by soon followed. Eirikur was informed of his entry to an elite club of artists who have performed in all of the last three decades. Much to the delight of the crowd, Eirikur was also able to name the other participants who are also part of this club.

On the subject of other entries, Eirikur was asked if he considered himself a true rocker as his other entries were slightly more camp. 'I have dedicated most of my life to Rock and Roll, but good music is good music. Music is beautiful to me. I did like the songs that I performed previously but I didn't pick them. At first I refused to take part again until I heard the song that I was being asked to perform'.

Looking very at ease with the crowd in front of him, Eirikur was again reminded of past performances and was asked what he would like this year's contest to be remembered for. 'I hope it will be remembered for being the contest I won. That would be great. But that's the beauty with this song contest, it's totally unpredictable. I wouldn't put money on it; the voting can go any way'.

With the disappointment Iceland have suffered over the last few years, Eirikur will be hoping to better that performance in thesemifinal on May 10th.

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