UPD 11. River of tears: Albania rehearses

by Richard West-Soley 53 views

Frederik Ndoci has completed his second rehearsal in Hartwall, although to a largely empty arena; nonetheless, the performance continues to be a competent and experienced one.

Frederik Ndoci completed several solid performances of Hear My Plea, and there is little to improve vocally. Again, the artists appeared in casual dress, so there is still no clue as to how the artists will look on Thursday. The dominant watery blues are still in full force, like a river of tears welling behind the Albanians, running beneath Frederik's feet as he sings.

Once more, all five turn in extremely emotional performances as the cameras turn slowly and tragically around them on stage. The female vocalist in particular is one to watch, as she gives a sensual interpretation of the ethereal, non-lyrical passages of the entry.

Albania performed to a largely empty arena, many people having left after the Dutch rehearsal; as such, the audience reaction was non-existent save for one cry of Bravo after each run. Despite the apparent lack of interest in the press quarters, the overall presentation is a strong one in its genre, and there is little to work on vocally.

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