UPD 07. Classic rock performance: Montenegro rehearses

by Richard West-Soley 46 views

Montenegro's debut independent entry saw its final individual rehearsal slot today, and despite a lukewarm response from the audience, singer Stephen Faddy pulls off a convincing and energetic rock performance.

Stephen continues to enjoy himself on stage, jumping excitedly in the air and putting all his energy into the performance. In a surprise twist, he now runs into the audience during the second verse, and his performance cannot be faulted for the way he interacts with the music and the audience. The band work the song for all it is worth, clapping along with the beat and trying as hard as they can to whip up some enthusiasm from the crowd.

There is still no evidence of clothes styling on stage, with the band pretty much wearing whatever they want, by the look of it; Stephen is still in T-shirt and jeans, although the actual styling for the big night might not be unveiled until the dress rehearsal next week.

Rock by numbers
The camera cuts regularly between close-ups on Stephen, band shots on stage and distance shots of the stage via the spider cam. It is more or less a classic rock performance and comes across as such on screen as well as in the hall.

Unlike other entries, Stephen has fewer friends of the song in the hall; applause was muted in comparison to some of the other entries this morning, although this did not deter the group on stage from giving it their all. This is a very sound performance of a rock song, which, for many, sounds a little dated, but Stephen really does it credit; a case of the entry being carried on the merits of the artist rather than the song.

Stevan's Second Rehearsal footage:

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