UPD 06. Telling her story: Georgia's second outing

by Richard West-Soley 51 views

Georgia presented their final performances before the semifinal rehearsals today, earning enthusiastic applause from the crowd after a swashbuckling presentation on stage.

There is still no sign of the very special dress that Sopho promised at the press conference two days ago, and she appeared in a smart claret skirt and jacket suit. No doubt she is saving the surprise for the full semifinal dress rehearsal!

Sopho's vocal at first sounded slightly less sure at today's rehearsal, as if she is holding back a little, but still crystal clear. By the final run through, she was really projecting into the hall well with a searing, captivating vocal performance.

Impressive show
The stage show is incredibly impressive, with a swashbuckling sword flight either side of Sopho for the percussive break, and some acrobatic dancing on the part of her four dancers throughout the song. The sword swinging looks positively dangerous from the hall, but is handled expertly by the Georgian dancers.

The reds and whites of the Georgian flag still dominate the stage, with a myriad of faces cycling on the backdrop, along with kaleidoscopic images, all in shades of the chosen colours. The theme of story is very clear now, with images of a life history peppering the visuals liberally.

Watch out – spider cam about!
Much use is made of the spider cam in this entry, and delegation members at the front of the hall were warned to remain seated lest they be knocked flying by the swooping lens from the skies.

A burst of sparkling firework flumes is used to give the end of the song an extra kick, and this is an appropriate big finish to Georgia's Eurovision Song Contest debut.

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