24. Love Power in the Hall: Belgium rehearses

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Belgium's Krazy Mess Groovers were next in line to take to the Eurovision rehearsal stage, bringing a healthy dose of psychadelia to the hall.

The band are surrounded by psychedelic, swirling bands on a black background, and stand complete with their respective instruments, which the audience could hear non-playback before the backing track began. The retro vibe is created perfectly, and the costumes are expected to enhance this even further when they make their first outing, most likely at the next rehearsal.

Getting there but not quite yet
The whole group perform a simple, funky routine, but at the moment this is looking slightly messy on stage, and certain members seem less than confident with the moves at the moment. This will of course improve with further rehearsals, but with only one individual slot left, time is short. Unfortunately, the entry seems to lack the energy it seems to have on the studio track, coming across a little flat on stage at the moment; with more decisive, confident execution of the routine, this could be overcome, but at the moment the real Love Power isn't quite shining through yet. There is definitely heaps of fun in the song – it just needs to find a way out.

Similarly, the levels were in need of some tweaking, with the voxcoder slightly overwhelming the sound at certain points, and the lead vocal being overpowered by the backing track. These glitches were all but ironed out during this first rehearsal, but the lead vocalstillrequires some tightening.

Belgium currently needs to work on finding that special something needed to standout from the twenty-seven other entries, and psychadeliclighting effects alone will not do that- we will see at the next rehearsalhow far the KMGs can go to pull all the strings together and create a slicker, more exciting performance.

PRESS CONFERENCEclick here for photo gallery

The Belgian group have grooved there way in to press center.

Answering questions the band explained that they met 5 years ago – actually they said they wanted to call the band "Bloody Mess Groovers" but since bloody is not so nice – they named themselves the Krazy Mess Groovers. "Krrrraaaazzy with 'K'" to invoke one of their inspirations Kool and the Gang.

RTBF, the French speaking television responsible for this year's selection, answered the language question. The station's representative explained they choose the best band (the KMGs) who are a funky groove band. And "funky groove" is English she said matter-of-factly.

The band is proud of their multi-cultural roots, but they explained they are all Belgium citizens. They feel this represents Europe too.

The broadcaster's representative also explained that interest in the Eurovision Song Contest might be increasing in France and the French speaking portion of Belgium saying their viewers tend to be more intellectual. RTBF said one idea is that the last Eurovision Song Contest offered more quality corresponding to increase of French speaking viewing figures in Belgium.

One of the band's biggest achievements is the Stars of Europe television special that was broadcast from Brussels in March.

Band founder SexyFire revealed that cooking is his hobby as he invited one of the pretty lady journalists to enjoy Pakistani food at his apartment. Then he winked at her in that krazy, messy, groovy way that seems to be his style.

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