23. Elements of success: Estonia's final rehearsal

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Estonia was the first country to complete its individual rehearsals today, after Gerli Padar performed in Hartwall this afternoon. The delegation had swapped its first rehearsal slot with Iceland yesterday due to concert commitments on Gerli's part, although remain in their original slot for today. The rehearsal got off to a shaky start, but things soon started to come together on stage.

Estonia's backdrop seems to have become extremely animated, which slightly distracts the eye on the screen. Nonetheless, the dance is now looking as slick as ever, and Gerli belted it out to the hall – perhaps a little too forcefully at times, however, and she may need to temper the vocal slightly before the big night. Nonetheless, she is crystal clear on the long, held notes.

Gerli gets going
The team had two false starts before a complete run through, in which Gerli appeared uncomfortable; after some exchange mid-song with the technicians, the levels in her earpiece were adjusted and she seemed much more at home. After the problems were sorted, the cheerful, relaxed Gerli was back, and the following runs were hitch-free, save a few giggles.

The addition of a wind machine introduces a dynamic element into the performance, although it blew Gerli's hair around relentlessly, and we can assume the hairstyle for the semifinal night will be tethered down well!

Estonia seems on a knife-edge with this entry; it has elements which come across extremely well, but Gerli needs all these to come together at once for the whole thing to work. The limited crowd response is still reserved, compared to other entries in the semifinal rehearsals, although what counts is how well Gerli can grab televoters' hearts on the big night. If the energy of the choreography comes through on TV, and Gerli's personality and vocal shine, then Estonia could finally leap beyond the semifinal for the first time.



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